Shenzhen Bay Laboratory

Computational and Disease Genomics Lab


xQTLbiolinks: Query, extraction, visualization and integrative analysis of xQTL data

DaPars2: Dynamics analysis of Alternative PolyAdenylation from multiple RNA-seq data

MAT3UTR: Model-based analysis of the trans effect of 3ʹ-UTR shortening

scDaPars: Dynamic Analysis of Alternative Polyadenylation from Single-Cell RNA-Seq


ipaQTL-atlas: The ipaQTL-atlas is the database for intronic polyadenylation based on 15,170 RNA-seq samples across 49 human Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) project (version 8) tissues from 838 individuals.

3′aQTL-atlas: The 3′aQTL-atlas is an atlas of 3′UTR alternative polyadenylation quantitative trait loci across human normal tissues.

TC3A: The Cancer 3′UTR Atlas (TC3A) is a comprehensive resource of APA usage for 10,537 tumors across 32 cancer types. (Note: The data can be accessed using doi: 0.7303/syn24982198 or directly access synapse)